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Fat Kid At Heart

So I was at the gym today and I got to thinking, “It’d sure be nice to have a 6-pack right now…..a 6 pack of donuts that is.” My version of a day dream.

It’s no secret that health and fitness have never come naturally to me. To plop myself down on the couch with a loaded plate of nachos and a good movie has always sounded more appealing to me than, well…let’s just say it’s never not sounded appealing.


Crash diets were never effective. Working at places like Baskin Robbins and California Pizza Kitchen only added to the problem. Put me around food and my self-control plummets to about -34%. Getting through a meal without thinking about the next one was impossible. It sometimes still is, only now I try to plan it out in a healthy way. I will always be a true foodie at heart, but I finally had enough feeling uncomfortable, having low energy, being sluggish, and allowing lethargy to consume my body and mind. Honestly, it’s not that I had hundreds of pounds to lose, I just genuinely wanted a healthier lifestyle.

Five years ago is when I decided to make the ultimate change. If this was something I was serious about doing, then I would have to commit to it 134%. Everything I knew about anything was to be thrown out the window; starting from scratch at ground zero. Research had to be done, new habits needed to be created, goals had to be met, and my old ways of thinking; crushed. The hardest part was that I had no clue what I was doing! Discouragement almost took me down, so I started with the few basics I knew to be true about health and fitness.

Running. I started running. I don’t hate running….I absolutely loathe running. I even have a complex about running since my sisters always told me I look like a newborn giraffe trying to run for the very first time. It’s true, they make a pretty good point! But that was all I knew, so that’s exactly where I started. By the third day people were planting lawn chairs on their driveways for entertainment as I ran by! Just kidding, although sometimes I was worried they might.

The legitimate truth is that getting to know my body and educating myself on what it means to create a healthier lifestyle, has been a complete challenge. However, it has also changed my entire life for the better. I’ve never been so thankful for my health! I still may not be the strongest, fastest, skinniest, prettiest, or toughest, but I was given two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears and I am the only one who gets to take care of them. Don’t want to take that for granted. The hard work, perseverance, consistency, endurance, diligence, and self control put in to this has trickled over into all aspects of my life stretching me in so many ways.

The reason I created this section is┬ánot to show off or compete with anyone else out there, Lord knows I’d trip over my wobbly, giraffe legs anyways. Besides, the only person I desire to be any better than is my old self. All I am here to do is to encourage those who face the same struggle I have. Sometimes a little extra push and a dash of motivation go a long way.


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