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A Tender Tennessee Christmas

Funny how life often sprinkles a little more foreshadowing on us than we care to pay attention to. Growing up, my sisters and I constantly looked forward to the Christmas season. Of course it meant gifts, which hardly allowed us to sleep due to an overload of excitement, but more than that it was the season of love, laughter, and celebration that filled our hearts with so much joy.

Two things cued us three, giggly girls in to knowing the Holidays were quickly approaching; the Alabama and Amy Grant Christmas albums. From the moment either one of those began to play we were officially allowed to go full throttle Christmas mode. Though every one of those songs brings a powerful feeling of nostalgia over me, only one song (sung by both artists) really sticks out to me. Even as a kid I would paint a detailed picture in my mind every time I heard “Tennessee Christmas.” Maybe it’s because as a native Cali girl, the thought of a December 25 under 75 degrees was foreign to me. Who really knows, but whatever it was, I liked it!

Tennessee Christmas

Currently, this Cali girls nose is frozen as I stand in disbelief exploring the old streets of my new city. Gazing up at this ginormous tree makes my first tender Tennessee Christmas even more remarkable than the picture I had painted in my mind all those years. Definitely not getting flip flops and tank tops this year!

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Today marks 2 months since I packed up my small stash of belongings in a trailer, hit the road, and booked it across the country for no apparent reason. People must think I am nuts…I mean, just absolutely bonkers! Who leaves their family, friends, job, and the beautiful weather of Los Angeles in order to park it in a city I know virtually nothing about? Sometimes I sit around scratching my head just as much as everyone else must be. Going alone to a place I’ve never been, no job lined up, no friends or family waiting for me; yup, crazy is the only logical explanation. I only give it a good minute or two of thought until a huge smile busts out across my face and I can’t keep from giggling.

U-haulin it

“God, you must be doing something beyond my wildest dreams here because I have no idea what I’m doing!” And there, right in that moment is what gave me complete peace while standing on the edge of cliff ready to take a life-changing leap of faith. Disobedience to Him was far scarier to me than living in my comfort zone forever.

The feeling had been billowing up within me for a couple of months before I could no longer deny what He was trying to tell me. Tennessee seemed a slightly random place for me to venture off to, but then again maybe not. All the things that had led up to that point were actually right on track looking back. Discerning what The Lord was telling me was the easy part as I spent much time in prayer over it. Trying to get others to understand would be the challenge. It still is. Seems the questions never cease, but I’m okay with that. Most people won’t get it because this journey is not for them.

All I know is that at this point in my life when I look towards the future I see a completely blank slate. Knowing that my life is in the Creators hands and having Him do what He wills with it makes me smile. In the past He has lifted me to great heights, and held me tight amid some tough lows. Without a doubt I trust He has been with me every step of the way. Mind blowing things have already happened by 26; I can’t even begin to fathom what might be ahead. Whatever it is, I’m all in for this adventure!

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