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Sweet As A Flower

One of the many qualities I admire in my mom so much is the fact that no matter how old my sisters and I get, she still goes out of her way to create a fun family atmosphere. Her excuse now is that she does it for the grandkids. My personal opinion says she secretly uses it as a way to baby her overgrown daughters for as long as she can. Hey, I’m not complaining! There’s no touch like that of a mother…no matter how old you are.

Not sure where she came up with her latest creation, but I have to admit it brought a little sunshine to my morning and a smile to my face.

This breakfast is so creative, cute, and overwhelmingly easy! Even someone as simple as I can manage this while looking like a baking genius.

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls

She took an easy can of Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls and formed it into the shape of a flower. On a large cookie sheet place one roll as the center. The other rolls are unrolled, cut in half, and formed into half ovals as the petals, keeping one long and straight as the stem. All the other baking directions will remain the same. To add some extra cute flair and texture, she added canned mandarin oranges into the centers of the petals and drizzled the Orange icing over the top.

What I especially love about this is that it can be done with regular cinnamon rolls and any other variation of fruit. Not only did my cheesy family have a blast with it, but I see it as being a great option for a brunch or a huge hit for a children’s slumber party as well. Delicious!

❤ Hayley Elise


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Pretty, Pretty Please With Cream Cheese Frosting On Top

Pretty, pretty please with cream cheese frosting on top; TRY THESE COOKIES!

Squeeze in that last little bit of Holiday pumpkin while you still can! Take my word for it on this one. What I love about these is the real, genuine pumpkin they are made with. This constructs a super soft and fluffy cookie, causing it to fall apart in your mouth so scrumptiously. Honestly, from the initial bite I knew I was in trouble. The first cookies in a long time that have broken my one-per-batch rule. Maybe I was just incredibly hungry, but I couldn’t stop popping one after another.

Parent Pretty Pumpkin Cookies

Parent Pretty Pumpkin Cookies

This home-run hit comes from While the full recipe creates 60 perfect little circles of fall heaven, a single girl really doesn’t need that many all to herself. Cutting the recipe in half still made more than enough. Happily, I was eager to share, producing a radiant little trail of smiles everywhere I went. 🙂

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At It Again

I can’t stop, and I won’t stop.

For someone who claims to be in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, a baking obsession surely is an awful addiction to have. My blessing and my curse. Unsure of it’s origin, there is an inordinate need within me to bake. Irrevocably, I’ve caved entirely. With the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, I decided to proceed this love of mine with a healthy balance. I’m allowed to bake, but only entitled to one or less of my current creation (I’ve got to test and make sure it’s edible, right?!). One undeniably great quality I have fallen upon with this habit of mine, is that it makes friends very quickly! Especially being a complete newbie to an area, what a fantastic way to greet the new neighbors of mine. In return, I get to experiment with baking yet don’t have to endure the temptation sitting on my counter staring me down every time I walk by.

Though I’ve just about mastered my version of the traditional chocolate chip cookie, there is an unending thirst for knowledge in the marvelous world of baking. My desire is to share the few tricks of the trade I have learned through trial and error, and in return have my readers share theirs as well. All recipes are welcomed and well received!

Homemade Chocolate Chip

Homemade Chocolate Chip

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