Madly In Love


Lucky in love has never been an occurring theme for me. From a young age I had the tendency to believe that I was unlovable or that something was wrong with me, yet I hoped that maybe…just maybe…one day someone would come along who thought I was worth loving.

Through several seasons of life and more odd circumstances than I know what to do with, it’s hit me little by little, then all at once:

If I define myself by my job, I’m only worth a handful of eyelashes and a few tubes of lipstick. If I define myself by my looks, I’m only worth a pair of green eyes, hundreds of freckles, and a couple of beaver teeth. If I define myself by my family and friends, then I’m not worth being an individual. If I define myself by what I’m good at, well, then I’m only worth a good laugh. And if I define myself by my relationships, I never seem to be worth a simple explanation.

But I take a deeper look into the area of life that matters most and realize if I define myself by my Savior, then my life suddenly becomes worth dying for. Whoa. Something so hard to fathom it gives me chills.

My heart thought it needed a love that only this earth could carry. In reality it was looking for the truest and most pure form of love in existence. A love far beyond anything this world has to offer. I could have wasted my whole life searching for the most precious gift that had already been given to me since the moment I was created.

Absolute peace and contentment encapsulate me knowing I have the privilege of being madly in love with my Savior every single day. His love for me was worth dying, which makes my love for Him worth living. A love that can never be broken. To wake up alone every morning and still feel completely whole, is one of the greatest blessings.

Lucky in love or not, I’d be lying if I said I got gypped when it comes to love. My life is happily full. Whether or not God wants to bless me with a love beyond what He’s already given is completely up to him.

Happy Valentine’s Day 💕

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3 thoughts on “Madly In Love

  1. Loved your Madly In Love post! I sent the link to a couple of my singe friends who have just recently stated dating again. I know they will be blessed by this piece and encouraged to know there are other sojourners out there who refuse to settle for anything less than God’s best. It was very inspirational. The truth of the matter is that unless we find our worth in Christ Jesus, we will never find happiness in any earthly relationship. He is the One who defines and validates our worth!

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