Queen of Hearts


Not necessarily my first choice when contemplating the color wheel. Certain reds are just too bold for a soft spoken girl like me to handle.

That being said, I still can’t help hunting for the perfect shade of festive red every holiday season. A simple task turned into an annual challenge I know I can conquer. It all depends on my mood; can’t be too bright, can’t be too dark, no shimmer, must have gloss, can’t chip too easily, the list could go on for days. The task was beginning to get tough as nothing spoke Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all bundled up into one jovial color, until…BAM! There it was. Walking through target of all places, the Queen of Hearts jumped out grabbing my full attention.

Revlon Queen of Hearts

Revlon Queen of Hearts

Ah, there’s something so satisfying about discovering that perfect hue. It’s a good one y’all! Not only is the color merry and bright, but the polish itself is a great consistency making it smooth, easy to work with, and low on the chipping scale. Likewise, it’s easy on the budget which is always a score. Highly suggested in my opinion, but always love suggestions and feedback on what other great Holiday colors you’ve uncovered out there!

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