At It Again

I can’t stop, and I won’t stop.

For someone who claims to be in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, a baking obsession surely is an awful addiction to have. My blessing and my curse. Unsure of it’s origin, there is an inordinate need within me to bake. Irrevocably, I’ve caved entirely. With the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, I decided to proceed this love of mine with a healthy balance. I’m allowed to bake, but only entitled to one or less of my current creation (I’ve got to test and make sure it’s edible, right?!). One undeniably great quality I have fallen upon with this habit of mine, is that it makes friends very quickly! Especially being a complete newbie to an area, what a fantastic way to greet the new neighbors of mine. In return, I get to experiment with baking yet don’t have to endure the temptation sitting on my counter staring me down every time I walk by.

Though I’ve just about mastered my version of the traditional chocolate chip cookie, there is an unending thirst for knowledge in the marvelous world of baking. My desire is to share the few tricks of the trade I have learned through trial and error, and in return have my readers share theirs as well. All recipes are welcomed and well received!

Homemade Chocolate Chip

Homemade Chocolate Chip

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One thought on “At It Again

  1. Arielle says:

    Oh wow they look so delicious!! ❤

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