Of Beauty and Grace

Given the choice, my every day to do list would be tackled in spandex shorts, a trusty old sweatshirt, and a good pair of Nikes. Comfort is clearly the largest portion of my closet; not always the cutest. Although some days my fashion sense may appear to be socially acceptable, other days I get strangers walking up to me on street corners handing me money and offering to buy me meals.

Okay, so it’s not really that bad. However, I dress in the things I like and claim to know absolutely nothing about fashion or the latest trends.

That is where my lovely friend Vanessa comes in. Her fashion game is flawless and I envy the way she can so effortlessly pull an outfit together in a way I would have never even considered. She would be at my house every morning if I could afford it! Thank goodness for her website to keep me in line. Not only does she have outstanding talent, but her shining personality makes an even stronger statement than the clothes she wears. Check in with her for inspiration and a good, healthy dose of Beauty and Grace!

Of Beauty and Grace. Fashion by Vanessa Ebel

Of Beauty and Grace. Fashion by Vanessa Ebel

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One thought on “Of Beauty and Grace

  1. Your friend looks super stylish! Love the cat eye sunnies!
    x Nina

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